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Mifiori Landscape - Snohomish, WA

design & development

      Contact us:  206-790-8170

Why choose Mi Fiori?

We have been serving customers in the Seattle area for over 25 years. One thing that separates us from others is we are committed to superior communication. 


Communication is the foundation of all successful relationships. To guide us through the process we will listen to your needs and desires as well as help to educate you about the construction and vitality of your outdoor space. Communication also means we will answer and return phone calls promptly.


Experience means a lot.  Having completed so many projects over the years we have developed skills not often found in newer companies. It helps us to avoid costly mistakes like a retaining wall built using Round unstable rock behind as fill. The unstable drain rock, unlike crushed gravel, will shift and can cause the wall to blow out or fall over. Or an irrigation system that leaves a lawn with some green rainbow stripe patterns with brown all over, because it was build without head to head coverage or sprinkler heads not properly matched. I am sure you get the point. We have experience that counts.


Relationships! The relationships we’ve built with our employees, suppliers and other contractors are important. They are the people that help us complete your project with the highest standards. 

We love the outdoors. To us, there is nothing more rewarding than transforming a yard into a beautiful living space!


One thing our customers often say is that they appreciate our ability to manage the entire project. Rather than searching out all of the right contractors, we have a highly trained crew and relationships with the right contractors that we have honed. This helps to avoid redoing work, contractors not completing all they should or even when they should. We will manage the work efficiently and for the benefit of your final outcome.

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